(Only) Sub domain isn't working


Hi , I did the migration , delete my old account , everything went fine
but only one thing is my sub-domain isn’t , which is weird and I couldn’t figure it out ,
please tell me what went wrong .

oloruntheocracy.com - work fine .
www.oloruntheocracy.com - lead you to migration page , why ?


Hmmm, I’m not sure why that’s not working. Maybe try pointing with CNAME over Cloudflare?


@Bassam83 Unlink and then link it again.
See if this works.


Sorry but my english is not fluent.
I have the same problem and i have “unlink” and link it again don’t work

Domain Linked Website
zemm.site11.com - error no access at the page
Free Subdomain
zemm.000webhostapp.com - works fine
Thanks tell me what is wrong.


@zemm Loads fine here.
Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


It works without www but not with www when i search with google
I don’t know the right code for my .ht access


@zemm Sry subdomain for free subdomain is no more available on the new panel.

If you want one then, grab a free domain from freenom.com and park it using servers.
Then you can use www for your parked domain.