Opportunity to host student websites


I am delivering a 2 day training on how to build your own Wordpress site. This training is for young people aged 16-29 and are wanting to develop digital skills. These courses run throughout the year for different groups in the UK.

We are looking for a hosting solution whereby students can sign up and manage their own WordPress hosting, use a free subdomain or pay for a domain name if they want to. They need the freedom to deal with this independently from us. At the end of the 2 day course, they can choose to continue hosting the site they’ve built or close it down.

I’m interested in your free hosting solution to provide the student with their own self-managed hosting.
However when testing your free package, I have found that there are a lot of restrictions. After 15 minutes or so of usage, basic functionality in Wordpress was capped by your server frequently which meant I had to make multiple attempts and things were breaking. Also there seems to be a caching mechanism which could not be cleared. This meant that changes made to the site could not always be seen on the front-end. This would be quite hindering during a training session.

As this is purely for education and training purposes, I was wondering if you could offer a way for my students to create a free account on a more performant hosting (better than the free) with no caps. At the end of each course, students would be encouraged to keep their website and maintain it. This could potentially bring you more customers.

If you wish to discuss this further, I am happy to chat about the specifics.


Our servers are quite stable right now and those limitations are very good for students, beginners, and learners.
If you need any information about anything, you can ask us :slight_smile:


Perfect! Our platform is great for that.

If your users want to purchase their own domain, they should check out the link below.

You should look at this topic to learn more about that issue.

We don’t have any caching system. All changes are made instantly worldwide, so if you don’t see them, it’s because of your local cache. I suggest instructing your users to clear their browser cache and flush their DNS every time they make a major change.

While we welcome new customers, we aren’t simply going to modify our platform or give anyone a free premium plan just for you to host a course. The free model is that there are limitations, not unlimited everything - that is why we promote our Hostinger paid plans.

That’s perfectly fine, and we’d like to humbly ask that you promote our premium plans at the end in case they want to go further with their websites. And you can sign up for an affiliate plan to place banners on your website, and if they sign up for free hosting using your link, you benefit.

Thanks for using us!