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Dear 000webhost Community
It has been a while since I have been with this dear website and I tried to login into my account, as I was in fear of losing my work and tried to get some guidance, in which I was told I had noting to fear.

I made sure that my password was secure to the point that I came to my 000webhost account where my password was saved and I cannot get access.

I did the same here, my password was saved and I am writing this to you.

Before I started writing, I requested to change the email address because I no longer have access to it and changed to one I have had access to since I first had an email.
A link was supposed to be sent and all now it hasn’t entered any of my incoming folders.

What I did come here for is to ask, why are customers offered to seek support, then directed to a community who have no direct control or access to any back-end tools that can help with any changes the customer may request.
Why make such an offer, when it does not exist.

I am hoping that, in my request for help, that a gathering of my problems can be recognised, that I can move forward with the existing work I hope I can come back to, dependant on the assurance I was given over a year ago when I was told that I would never lose that work.

Sorry for stretching this out, but if I don’t say this now, but I don’t want anything to be forgotten, while I am here.

I look forward to your reply.

There is no account matching ******@students.st-patricks.ac.uk
Which would indicate it was removed for inactivity.

So I’ve checked and it was deleted as per our policy on Inactive Users.

Inactive Users Information News and General Information

Users who are inactive will start to receive emails to inform them of their inactivity, it will give you option to login to your control panel at 000webhost.com, to stop the deletion of your websites/data/account and the timer will reset each time you login to the panel. So if you signed up today 24th July, and then didn’t login for 3 months you will get an email giving you a weeks grace period to login to reset the timer again. When users get the email informing them of their account inactivi…

Users must login to our control panel regularly to maintain active status - using FTP doesn’t count, only logging into our control panel keeps your account in active status.

Users are ultimately 100% responsible for ensuring they have regular backups of THEIR DATA.
000webhost accepts no responsibility for data loss as agreed within the terms agree upon signup.
Part of the terms of service you agree to upon signup to under section 5 is you agree to keep backups and accept the risk and loss of your content by any means.

You are free to create a brand new account, then upload your content again, be aware that free subdomains cannot be reused for security reasons.

If you didn’t get an email at all I can only apologize our parent company Hostinger has invested into a third party mailing service to ensure high deliverability of deletion notices, sadly 000webhost has been used and abused so much by abusive users that large mailing services now each like GoogleMail.com and Outlook.com are blocking any email with just the word 000webhost in it, which makes it very hard for us to send activation emails, deletion notices, and any important information.

We are using notifications@hostingeremail.com for the latest important notifications as this has proved to yield better results than previous clients@000webhost.com but still, we seem to be hit or miss for spam or totally being blocked and no email at all getting through!

We are working on appealing all the blacklists but it is taking time and even if we do appeal they do not have to remove us as it is their service and their users they are protecting in the end.

Apologies again

Infinity, thank you
Your a godsend, and it’s like you don’t get any rest.

I was in a place where I had no access to the internet for 1 year, then other issues came up which I have to deal with.

I wish I did get the chance to read those agreements, as I was directed by my college to quickly create my account, I never got the chance or idea to read your policy agreement.

I am no longer with that college, I think I can find my back-ups, so I presume it’s a new account for me.

Thank you again Infinity

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That account that I had there, I used here, but I am for a link to verify I have changed my account address here.

May I ask, the link will come eventually?

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Your forum account here is using @students.st-patricks.ac.uk you can change your email within the forum settings.

I see no hosting accounts under your current IP address so you’ll need to signup using your new email :slight_smile:

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