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Hola, como estan? necesito un buen servidor de host, los que conocen del tema podrían indicarme cual es mejor?
000webhost o runhosting, en runhosting tengo actualmente alojada mi pagina y en 000webhost lo tenia alojado anteriormente.

necesito un host donde pueda montar una tienda y que no tenga problemas tan recurrentes, por ejemplo en runhosting cada tanto pierdo conexión con la base de datos y la pagina queda caída por unos minutos. y en 000webhost aloje una pagina de prueba y también ocurre lo mismo (cada cierto tiempo se pierde la base de sql y después aparece de la nada).

en la pagina tengo el dominio, un sub dominio y ahora le sumo una tienda en la cual mis clientes van a poder realizar compras desde la misma y abonar por mercadopago, por lo cual necesito algo que sea seguro.

muchas gracias a todos

Good day!

I believe no free hosting platform will be fully able to handle a large amount of traffic once your website is finished. The more features you add to your site, the more resources your app will consume when your clients access it. Of course, this depends on which part of application you add the features, however the principle is the same: more features require more power.

000webhost free plans provides sufficient power and resources for customers who want to dig into web developent, however they cannot support highly scalled applications, that’s fact. I advise you to lookup for an affordable paid plan at one of our sponsors starting from $0.8/month. Paid plans support all types of PHP/MySQL-dependent websites with almost no limitations.

Good morning, thanks for replying.

I was thinking about the Single Hosting plan for 4 years, but I see that in the part of updating the plan I figure for 4 years 0.99 euros per month, ( but when I enter the compare section it says 0.80 euros … ( but it is very basic and premium are 2.15euros / m in that section but in the update it says 2.59euros / m) so it makes me dizzy to know what I’m going to really pay and that includes that plan

I wanted to contact a consultant but the chat tells me that it is only for paid members.
Sorry for my English, I’m using the Google translator.

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You can access chat here bottom right

If they don’t solve your query I’ll happily answer for you.