Park Domain is Working but not the way it supposed to be


Please help, I registered a free domain at Pointing nameserver works and everything is good, but the problem is when i click on my domain, “” it loads my homepage as it is, but when i click and open blogs or any link on my website, the url changed and it is back to 000webhostapp again, is this supposed to happen?


  1. Parked domain work only on first page?
  2. Does parked domain really change all links to new domain?

Please help.


If you are using WordPress, you need to go into your profile in your dashboard and change the URL of your site to match the new domain. :slight_smile:


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Wow. Thank you so much Hexa. Works perfect. This is what I need.
And now i will go secure my site and access with https.

How to make my site accessible with https


If you are using a custom domain like you need to either purchase premium hosting and a certificate or there are other methods of CloudFlare etc and there are a few tutorials in the tutorials section.

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