Park domain problem with a ancient deleted accout is unlinked i want my domain name free again


Hello, i have create first for testing how it’s rule steve-vancraywinkel.000webhostapp after i have link (park domain) with and after i have unlink the park domain and delete steve-vancraywinkel.000webhostapp from my general parameters and try to remake a other site with thisvaliant.000webhostapp but when i make a webbsite thats make me on and not because is assiociated with steve-vancraywinkel.000webhostapp and go on this one when i try in my rowser and thats emake the problem when i have unlink and delete my domain in the parked domain parameters, after i go on my domain name servor and delete my order for restarting this one and see if it’s free and clean again and totaly dissacossiated from the D.N.S. in waiting for associate again and go actualy again on steve-vancraywinkel.000webhostapp and say thi website is deleted and i dont need that, please i need my domain for make my website linked on what i need please can you rescue my domain name i need clean because thats my reserved domain, please

Appears to be pointing to freenom and not our servers unless you mistyped it above


it’s because before i remake a order on freenom thats what pointed on webhost dns before i delete and re-buy my domain name, actualy i se Website is no longer available i can go in an repoint my domain i have buy a second time because i have try to reboot… lol and see this Website is no longer available. i would like clean, i suppose i need to pint again i go done that


ok is parked again i see
domain parked and
under domain

when i want click on that make me Website is no longer available, what i need to make thats work on this domain name please


Can you show me any screenshots of what you mean?



CTRL + F5 on your site or CTRL, SHIFT, R to force your browser to load latest version?


it’s work, Thank you