Parked domain already in use issue

Hopfully the pictures show. My website was used with 000webhost a few years ago on the old Cpanel. it shows it as in use already but i have no way to change that. Name servers are pointed correctly. I want to get this fixed first before i upgrade to paid hosting.

I’ve asked developers to unpark this, there is no ETA however.

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Thank you, Ill keep checking back as needed. Once unparked ill be able to get my site uploaded to the file manager and upgrade the account. Im still in middle of coding the site so i am not in a huge rush.

Thanks for the reply

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Hello. For the record, upgrading will allow users to park/link the domain instantly as free and paid plans share a different infrastructure :slight_smile:

Just commenting back, still waiting for the website to be unparked so I can link it.

Yep still got a list of jobs for developers to resolve, no ETA.

This domain should now hopefully be available to be parked? :slight_smile:

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Yes I got it parked to redirect to my computer site until its fully coded and ready to go live.

Now once all coded, ill be able to upgrade to have the 2 .coms under same under name.

Side note so I do not have to create another thread. It says for the 4 year hosting service, it offers a free domain. Does that domain get renewed everytime i renew hosting plan with 000webhost. So if i pay for 4 years hosting, that give me the new website which would be my Third for 4 years.

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If you picked up the four year plan with the free domain it would be the first year only for the domain, you would then renew each year with Hostinger or feel free to transfer the domain to alternative registrar if it was cheaper and point back to Hostinger.

The domains are something we have little control over to work with on price