Parked domain blocked


my old site/account – – was removed for inactivity.

since i can’t restore or reuse it, i created a new one –

now i want to connect it to a domain i have – –, which was connected to the old site.

but when i try to park the domain, i get an error message: “This domain is already in use”

can anyone help me to solve it?

thank you,


I’ve tried the unparking method we have available but since the previous account was removed with the domain still attached I can’t find out the number required to unpark it so a developer will have to dive into the system and do it manually.

Unsure of the ETA though as developers are quite busy. :frowning:
You might be quicker grabbing alternative free hosting.
Another user has been waiting since 20th Dec for a resolution for the same type of issue

thank you for the reply. i will wait. if possible, please let me know when it is done.

thank you again,


Developer hopefully will resolve this week.

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