Parked domain error "This domain already in use"

One month ago I created a website and parked the domain
Due to some problems, I deleted the account, and registerd from scratch using the same email address.
But when I try to park the domain again it shows an “This domain already in use” error.
How can I retrieve the parked domain back?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve forwarded your ticket to a developer.

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The “domain already in use” message still appears when I try to park the domain.

Hi there sadly this isn’t an instant thing, a developer has to dive in and they’ve limited time so there is a wait sometimes.

There are a few users waiting, but it might be quicker for you just to grab alternative free hosting in this case :frowning:

@Infinity Sorry if I sounded rude, it was not my purpose! :blush:
I know that sometimes it can take a lot of time to resolve such problems, I’m a developer too!

No I was just informing you :slight_smile: hope I didn’t come across as anything, but I like to keep users updated with what is going on behind the scenes, I don’t want to say it’ll be done in a day when I know it’ll take forever.

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