Parked domain not solving after NS update


I have parked my .cc domain on my 000webhost account and updated the NS of the domain to point to your name server.
the 000webhost subdomain load fine but the parked domain does not solve. I also tried to check via proxy and still not working.

Any help?

If you post the custom domain and your 000webhostapp domain as per forum requirements… I can sure look into this for you :slight_smile:
A must read before posting your topic!

Domain is and 000webhost domain is

error of domain doesn’t appear to be parked against any account :frowning:

Head to your dashboard, then on the left hit Tools and Set Web Address or via the dashboard select parked domains. Once there hit add domain and park your domain using nameservers. Once it shows up READY then hit MANAGE then LINK to your desired application.

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