Password does not persist


I placed files in a folder. I gave it a password. It worked correctly the for the first login. After that, it no longer presented the login page but just went straight to the folder with no login required.

“persist” might be the wrong word. It just stops presenting the request for name/password. It goes directly to the folder…does not require the password that I set.

The .htaccess & .htpasswd files are still in the folder.
I have done this process 3 times with the same result.

For some reason, the site does not consistently present the password barrier.
What am I doing wrong?


Thank you


That’s because you’ve already logged in


Really?’s only used one time? That’s a surprise.
How does one setup so that a password is required for every time someone tries to access the folder?

And thank you so much for your help.


You can’t, you need to logout to be able to see the login popup again :slight_smile:


Hi ckhawand…well, I actually closed the browser tab & then opened another & entered the url again. I did that several times over the day but the login popup never appeared again until I close the browser and reopen it. is that how it is supposed to work?
Perhaps I am misunderstanding something?

Thanks again for all your help.


If you open the incognito mode, another browser or clear your browser’s cache/content/cookies you’ll be presented with the login again.


Ahh…NOW I understand…thanks very much for the help.