Password not recognised


I upload my files (as usual) from WYSIWYG Web Builder.
I receive an error message that says ‘Password not recognised’ and the files do not upload
So, I have created a new password
I changed the password in my FTP program to match the new password
No success - same error message.
Please could somebody help me.


Hi @fulbourn!

What is the website in question?


Thank you for responding.
The problem has been resolved - by a bit of luck! I was eventually able to resolve the problem with passwords.
However, when typing the website address into a search engine there was a red warning saying the website was unsafe as it was a phishing address.
I doubt anybody would have proceeded!
Are 000webhost to blame or is some other website trying to prevent use of my web address?


For the red warning to appear it usually means someone has reported your address as whatever reason but sometimes can be a false positive and can be fixed via :