Password Reset Problems

Firstly my website was parked with no notifications. Ok fixed.

Now I am trying to log on to update it and its saying my password is wrong and to reset.

Tried twice now and both times no email has been sent to reset it.

So how do I get on to my website now ? Somehow it recognises me on the forum just fine, but not on the website. Go figure !!

Never had so many problems with webhost until the last month or so and its just one thing after another after another. Rather disappointing and getting just a tad frustrating as have always had an easy association, now its proving very difficult.

Do you get an error message when resetting the password?

Please include your 000webhostapp URL for us to assist.

You’ve really not detailed much at all within your initial post, explain what you are trying to do and provide screenshots of said errors.

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