Pay for .000webhostapp subdomain



I want to keep my subdomain, but pay to get reliability and speed. Is this possible?


Hi @domainman
You can only use your 000webhostapp with You can’t use it with other hosting services.


Hello, yes, but can I pay money to host the subdomain on faster servers?


I don’t understand why you’d want to do that.
Get a better TLD and use the TLD with the faster servers.

In the mean time, while your users are getting used to the TLD, set the 000webhostapp domain up with a 301-redirect


I have already setup the demo website on the subdomain, but it is unusably slow.I don’t want to go to the effort of registering a TLD and moving my website across. I don’t mind paying money to just get it working.


Unfortunately it is not possible.


Hello there,

To be honest, today it is quite easy registering a domain, as well as moving websites :slight_smile:
All you have to do, is goto (or any other premium hosting company), type in desired domain, create an export of your 000webhostapp website, then upload it to your new hosting company :slight_smile: (depending on the host you decide to use, there will be a monthly fee of everything ranging from $1-$30/mo, sometimes including the domain cost, sometimes not, price often reflects the host, but not always)

There might be a slight more hassle if you have a database, but it’s still not too bad, usually :slight_smile:

Most premium hosting services offer help when moving from one host to their service.

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