Paying zyro for free website

I recently tried to make some changes in my website. I logged in as I normally would and tried to access the website builder (like I have succeeded to do many times). However, instead of letting me access to my webpage and make changes like it always has, it redirected me to zyro, where I had to import the website (which, when I tried to access it, had been almost completely deleted). Having to redo the website would already take a lot of time, but if it is not something that can be undone, I would take the time to do it. But the problem is that when I tried to publish it, it says I have to pay, which I have never had to do -it’s the reason why I chose 000webhost- and which I have not been informed about. How can I make changes in my website?

If you used Zyro - you will no longer be able to edit your webpages.

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