Pdf download link fails


Have a site built with dreamweaver 4. (Don’t laugh) On the old server the pdf download links worked. Since moving to the new server when you click on the pdf links you get the error Can’t find the URL. What must I do to make them work again? The site is pennygames.000Webhostapp.com I tell a lie. Just tried the download links on my kindle and they worked beautifully. The links are found on the home page menu to download leaflets. So why can’t I do this on my PC. I don’t understand. So annoying.


Please be aware that the file names are case sensitive so A is not the same as a. And test.pdf is not Test.pdf


Thanks. I’ll check that tonight.


Very strange. It’s the Edge browser. Works with Chrome, IE, Kindle etc. But NOT with Edge. Am I missing something here?


Could be a security feature of Edge?