People from others countries can not watch my website


@adminadmin I believe it’s an ISP issue over there,
Tell them to flush their DNS and then try again, or tell try to try this tutorial,


BTW I told them to flus their DNS …I ope they can make it…anything I will let you know so that you can help me


I’ll leave this post open.


Working fine here in United Kingdom hmm :confused:


hello guys htis what my partnert got from Peru


Super odd!

Who is your Internet Service Provider and what DNS servers are you using?


Your site seems to be loading fine from various locations too


my parnet tried form a particular service an form his mobile


So on the devices that won’t load does load?


he will try load?


it does not work either


Definitely a local issue with your local internet service provider or whoever controls your default DNS servers.

You have typed “infinityloop.000webhostapp”

Can you try


Windows 7 Tutorial to resolve this issue hopefully

Windows 10 Tutorial to resolve this issue hopefully


he tried but it does not work either…I do not know what to do…


@adminadmin Ask him to try using VPN.


Hi @adminadmin!

it does not work either

You wrote the URL incorrectly. Try it again:

You are receiving ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. This is not a DNS issue.

Try loading your website from Internet Explorer, over a non-secured layer: Reply if it works.

If it doesn’t work, either something is blocking you from accessing * URLs, or some parts of the internet are broken (ie: submarine cables/routers/etc…). I suggest you to use TOR Browser for a while. Or a VPN, as @akhilkumar332 suggested. Try again normally after a few days.


I appreciate every help…now my partner is trying to fix it from Perú…e also use VPN but it does not work yet…and double check url…Maybe I do not know if goverment blocks some kinfd of url…well I do not kow about it…


Maybe I do not know if goverment blocks some kinfd of url…well I do not kow about it…

I highly doubt it. If it would be a blockade it would usually return DNS resolving or host error.

Connection time-out means the server responds very slow, that’s why broken internet seems more plausible from my side.

Or maybe, as a last idea, there is something from inside your computer which is blocking the domain. Maybe and AntiVirus or some kind of firewall.


Can you screenshot the DNS settings of your ipv4 connection, thanks.


Of course Infinity I will aks my parnert sends me a screenshot from Peru…