Phone Number Verification


Still not working. Tried again all numbers. Location Finland.

This is a bad problem because I should get my data out from the server for a copy.


I can assure you that it is working. Latest client confirmed his phone number just a few seconds ago.


Well, I can assure that from Finland it is not working. I´ve tried now about 100 times. Just a minute ago about ten times - the message can´t be delivered.


Well, andrius/Administrator, for us it is not working. I am not really interested in the people who managed to connect unless they tell me how to make it work.
I also tried several times and I can assure you that I used the correct number. The message does not go through. Maybe it is because of the operator or something else.

Please, find out and then return with a solution.


Contact your mobile service provider to confirm that you can send SMS message to foreign countries.


Yes, I can do that. I just successfully send a SMS abroad.


Please, do something about this telephone confirmation, or open ftp connections for a while. I have wordpress files on the server I need to get out from there.

Not even European numbers are working, so there is something totally wrong in the service.


Hey! I’m from Taiwan too. Phone number verification it’s working for me!
Just send to +18156008600


Lucky you! I´ve tried for days to all given numbers. None of them works.

Did you manage on first trial or did it need more?


thanks your reply
i have success to verify my phone number
i use 『textnow』 to verify


I checked Twilio´s operator connections and they say they support my operator (Elisa). And from operator´s help desk they say the problem is not in their system.


可以啊 ~ :grin:
No problem :grin:


I have done it. I am from India…
& please Add an Emoji For indian flag


Manage on first trial :smiley:



I really need ftp, so I asked from Twilio what is wrong. Twilio is marked as the service provider for SMS confirmation. Here is their answer:

Hello Tero,

Thank you for reaching out with this additional information. Unfortunately Twilio numbers can not be used for verification purposes as it is against our AUP so the majority of these messages will be blocked. Occasionally these messages may get through but unfortunately the platform blocks most of these messages. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes and if you have any questions in the meantime, or if I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Stephen Byrd
Twilio Customer Support

So it is most unlikely to get a SMS confirmation. I´ve tried about 130 times, not succeeded.


same here… you did it


Thank you!
Worked for me :slight_smile:


Yes I too have an same issue. 10rs for 2sms but still not verified phone number…


I have same issue … I am from India… I have already sent sms on number given.


the number phone works in Colombia (south america)? thank you