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hi there, I have problem with creating a uer for a database for free 000webhosting.
Could you advise me how to create a user? I am fine with creating a database, but then my default user does not have any privileges to edit this database, Will appreciate comments,THANKS


Hi if you are creating a database in the cpanel then at the time of creating database it ask you to choose the database username and that user have all priviliges for that database.
Can you screenshot your error?



delete your database and create it again


sorry my account was blocked so I could not send a message!


I did it couple of times, end situation repeats itself,
I tried to grant more privileges but after using
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database_name.* TO ‘username’@‘localhost’;
I got message that I do not have enough privilages :frowning:


@mantas.daraciunas look into this


Hey so it seems to be an 000webhost side problem so it has been reported to developers and if it is really a 000webhost side problem then it will be fixed soon.


grand, thanks for quick response :slight_smile:


The username can be found at Manage databases section in 000webhost cPanel.
You cannot create more than one user per database :slight_smile:


thanks, ok, but why this user has limited privileges? see screen shot above


What privileges do you want? :slight_smile:


root privileges will do


Those Are Already Granted, The No privileges is just visual :slight_smile:


try installing any forum or any cms with that database to clear your doubt

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