PHP Mail() Function not working


I have been trying to make a submit form on my website but it is not sending the mail. added as a test and it claims it sends the mail but I never get it. I have tried it with several emails and it didn’t work. The code in is

mail('','Test mail','The mail function is working!');
echo 'Mail sent!';

Please help me out. Is the mail function not supported by 000webhost or someting? please help. Thank you


only pay servers have access, is it your case?
however you can do it useing for example google mail server…


PHP mail() function should work regardless of having a paid or free hosting account, although there are a few of the free servers known to have issues.

You can test if mail function is functioning properly on your server by loading/browsing the 000webhost email test page below.
Note: Substitute ## with your actual server number (viewable in your Members Area cPanel).


Hi Nkulung, any notes yet if you were able to make this work already?


You are correct, i didn’t express myself well.
you can use phpMail() however not with free host mail servers, that’s why i said

Thanks Doug Lochert, my mistake.


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