Php not workong

Hello dear support.

Php on my site ( stopped working correctly.
For example, code

<?php echo file_get_contents(""); ?>

fails with an error:
“failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution line 2”

This is just an example, I have problems with all php scripts.
Previously, all scripts worked correctly. I didn’t change them.

Please help.

Hi! When was the last time your scripts worked correctly?

Hi, judging by the logs the last time scripts successfully worked 31 October in 9.00 a. m

What’s the URL your scripts are trying to fetch? - url is correct.
I am not sure that the problem in the url. With URL “” it is also not working.

I did some tests and I see that if I try to read .txt file the function file_get_contents() works without errors.
Error while fetching urls is only an example of a functional that has stopped working. I noticed that functions related to processing http requests (with CURL) are also stopped working. I can not interact with other servers via http (or https).

What happens if you make a new website and try please?

It’s probably a DNS resolution error. In any case it’s temporary. I advise you, as infinity did, to create a new website and try again there.

If the issue persists, we’ll create a ticket with our developers and fix it soon.

Hello, dear support team.

Thanks for your reply.
I created a new website. And it is working without errors.

Did I understand correctly that DNS resolution error were temporary and my old site will be working(or now I should use a new website)? Please tell me what could have caused the error? Can such errors occur repeatedly?

Unsure of the exact reason, if the new site works then that is great it likely means some sort of limitation or blacklist has been met on the old URL, if the old URL is working too then brilliant!
The ticket is still lodged with developers but they will pick this up during the week time.

Ok, thank you.

The old URL is still not working.
I hope the developers will find the reason of the problem.

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