PHP Version in Web Hosting

Hi, I’d like to confirm PHP versions available in web hosting. Thanks.

In 000webhost page PHP last version available is 7 … I understand it’s been updated to version 8? correct? so it’s an issue in the presentation page?

Which presentation page do you refer to?

If you simply login to your free hosting account you’ll see easily…

I’m currently checking whether to use the free option or the premium. Excellent, many thanks!!!

Sorry for my ignorance. I’d like to ensure what “up to 100 sites hosting” mean. Does it mean I could install 2, 3 or more web domains, sharing the available proposed resources (disk/bandwidth/etc) among all of them? Thanks in advance. Hector.

Hi, sorry for my ignorance. I’m planning to contract the premium option and got a doubt when I read that it can host up to 100 web sites. Does this mean I could install 2, 3 or more different domains sharing all available resources (disk space / bandwidth / etc)?. Thanks.

Yes it means you can have loads of sites under one account easily, not to be confused with reseller hosting or similar from other companies.
You have one login, one control panel and many websites manageable via one area you can park as many domains as required, you can make FTP usernames for sites etc - you can host as many as you’d like.
Yes you share the space/bandwidth so if you own 100 small websites that don’t have many visitors it’ll be easy enough to get it up and running.

Excellent. Thanks.
I’ve met another doubt: when I click in the “add to cart button” to register it drives me to HOSTINGER page with different terms:

Yes Hostinger is the premium service.

000webhost = free and learner service

Hostinger = premium / completely professional services.

Try discount code BSF for best offers, buying in the longer terms i.e. 4 years you’ll get most discount as normally advertised prices.

Hi? Please, awaiting replay to proceed with contracting:
if hosting is with HOSTINGER I need to go back to my first doubt, because HOSTINGER does not seem to support PHP 8. Please see > Multiple PHP Configurations:
Múltiples versiones de PHP
<button class=“btn btn-tooltip pl-5 d-flex justify-content-center align-items-center” data-toggle=“tooltip” data-placement=“bottom” title="Varias versiones (desde 5.2 a 7.4).

For presales questions seek -

or live chat once logged in -

Hostinger PHP 8 -

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