PHPMailer limite

Hay alguna forma de enviar mas de 50 emails por dia? Yo pense que usando PHPMailer via SMTP se podía enviar mas de 50 pero aun asi me suma el contador de emails por día.

If you use PHPMailer (not the mail() function), no, nothing will be added

But i used PHPMailer couple of times and my “email used” number increased

Which SMTP server are you connecting to?

I used

That shouldn’t be happening…

What can i do? is still happening

Show me your configuration

$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->Subject="Por favor verificar email";
$mail->Body = "body text";

    echo "sent";
    echo "not sent";

Don’t worry about the number of emails increasing, this may be a bug but won’t affect you

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Add $mail->isSMTP(); after $mail = new PHPMailer()

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