PhpMyAdmin Error when accessed from "Manage databases" dashboard


When clicking on MyPhpAdmin from the “Manage databases” dashboard, firefox opens a new tab with the attached error message. This happened for about an hour yesterday (21-Sept-2017) and has been happening for an hour this morning (22-Sept-2017). When i checked the 000webhost status log, it looks like the DB service was down for 4% of yesterday and not at all today.

When i can navigate successfully to MyPhpAdmin, my website also connects successfully and can manipulate the DB.
However when i get the attached error message from MyPhpAdmin, when I try to connect to the MariaDB through a php script, I get a variety errors including “unable to access” certain entries in the DB and timeout errors. Any idea what’s going on?


Screenshot-2017-9-22 https databases-auth 000webhost com|690x88


It looks like that link is not working. The error looks like:


SQL query: Edit


MySQL said:

#9001 - Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1071 after 10000ms



This may have been temporary issue due to mysql server load. This will be fixed soon.


Right on, thanks for the prompt reply. Is this the sort of thing that happens often?
^— I’m building an inventory tool for an organization with a particular set of needs (one of which is free!). I just want to make sure the MariaDB won’t be inaccessible as much as it has been recently. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be a very useful tool. Thanks!


You have to wait until the problems are fixed.

I hope it will be solved soon.

@ckhawand attension please


As stated by @Supun, this happens when the SQL server is overloaded. This issue is just temporary, and this does not happen very frequently.
However, you are welcome to host your tool here :slight_smile:


Right, waiting isn’t a problem.
Thanks for the warm welcome and for providing a free service!


I think this may relate to your issue.


Hey Infinity. Those limits are awesome. Right now i’m in the early stages of development and am the only person (that I know of) querying the database. I make sure to close all connections one I’m done, so should never have more than 1 concurrent. There’s no way I query more than 1000 times per hour, and I write far less frequently than that. Unless I am failing to close out a connection and generating multiple simultaneous connections, or someone else is querying the DB like crazy without writing to it (there’ve been no writes registered besides my own), I can’t see how my use could possibly have reached these limits. Thoughts? Thanks again for writing.


@sulliops any ideas?


Not sure if these issues are related (the DB issue has resolved itself, thanks for fixing it 000webhost team!) but i also haven’t been able to access the files over FTP today. The file manager works fine.


Hi @askrupp!

There is no evidence yet regarding the fact that you have exceeded these resources. Your database was simply timing out.

I have rechecked it and it loads fine now :slight_smile:


Hey @teodor, thanks for the response, the database is working fine now. Am still having trouble with FTP but will open another thread for that issue, looks like they’re separate. Thanks for weighing in, all!