Please do this minor fix! (Improper ampersand HTML encoding in the ad link.)


I’m not extremely tech savvy so please bear with me!

I believe this would be a site-wide fix so I am not adding my information yet unless needed.

I like to have my HTML markup validated as error free.

000webhost is adding a few lines to the end of my index.html for their ad. (Please note: I do not have a problem with that at all. I understand that is how they let us have free hosting.)

Unfortunately they have a very minor HTML error in the ad URL.

It contains (at least) 2 unencoded ampersands (&). Ampersands should be encoded as & even inside URLs.

This is throwing errors in my HTML markup validation for my website.

If someone could fix this that would be awesome.

It should not affect your ad in any way. In fact, it might help in certain browsers since it would be more HTML compliant.

I’ll try and be more specific just in case that is not clear. The link added to my HTML is something like this:

{snip}.com/?utm_source=000webhostapp&utm_campaign=000_logo&utm_medium=website {snip}

While it should look like this:

{snip}.com/?utm_source=000webhostapp&utm_campaign=000_logo&utm_medium=website {snip}

And this is exactly what my validation service tells me:


I’ll notify the admins about it to see what they can do.


Thank you very much.