Please help me out in here


logo gone, slider gone, fonts gone, I’m just beginning to do them back


When your website is ready…just keep a backup of it. Incase if something wrong happens :slight_smile:

i see.



There is a css file that return 404

Check it if you can


the bouncing arrow? or??


Look the debugger. It shows something called css3 is missing (404)


As said above, file is missing from here "/compass/css3 "


it’s for the bouncing arrow. is it a bad thing? I don’t know much about coding


the cookies issue is back again, I cant get into my admin dashboard


it’s enabled, not only on chrome browser even Mozilla Firefox say so too


A fresh install would be a good shout here, then be very careful when importing themes and plugins to make sure they don’t cause issues with the new installation?


it’s working now… lol. fresh installation!!! you gave me a heart attack :joy: