Please Help! When I park my domain, I lose my email services


Hello Community!

I need some help please.
When I try to park my domain I lose access to MX Record and hence the ability to receive emails. :frowning:

I am trying to host my site here : 000webhost
My domain is at 1&1
My emails:

I have my domain registered at 1&1 but I use zoho mail, so I change the mx record: with priority 10 with priority 20

But! after I parked my domain,
I lose the ability to edit the MX Record.

So I guess the solution is to not park but instead to point.

But I do not know how to do that. Can anyone help please?


In order to use more than one MX record, you need to setup with Cloudflare. There you can add the MX records for Zoho mail.


Thank you very much. Forgive my ignorance, but when would I change the MX records to ensure my Zoho Mail is still being processed after the DNS change to cloudflare? On the cloudflare website, they DID tranfer over which was pretty cool to see, so the question is will they still be there after the DNS change?

MX Records: with priority 10 with priority 20

I am waiting the 24hrs to see the results, I guess since I AM changing it to a cloudflare DNS, THEN I should be able to edit after I give them access to the DNS


@la_Bamba I see already MX Records gave been propagated.


Yes! Thank you so much. My email is working great. Hurray!

Now the only problem is the website:

I still have not added much, only a logo; but even then I am having trouble accessing it

It only “works” if I add the www.
so if I type: - it works!

but if I type: - it doesn’t work


Hi @la_Bamba!

Please go to Cloudflare, at DNS, and make sure one CNAME record named @ points properly to your 000webhostapp website address.

Also, if your website has a cPanel, please modify all its addresses to


Thank you,

But I think I may be doing something wrong; or I just have to be a bit more patient.

Did I do it right? Still Shows this:

It is not much now, but it should show this:


First Delete “A” and “AAA” records.

Change it to “


That’s Great!

It worked! :smiley:

Thank you very much! Have great day


Any other issues do post or PM me :slight_smile: