Please Help With The Problem!



Dear admins i have the same problem with my website!
I lost all data, my website during this construction things…

Now I am Trying, 2 month to still make a reconstruction of my site, but website builder have some issues and I can’t make some changes. Could you help me?

I have an art page with my works. So I am adding a new page, than bring there a “gallery” with the photos of paintings, when I am finished with the design I publish everything, but in online version, like others can see it, there is the same picture, nothing is changed.

What can I do with this ?

The website lost too many visitors and I can’t still rebuild it


Everything is working fine

Hit CTRL+F5, clear your browser cache and cookies, or use another browser :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a tutorial on how to backup your site.
Backup your website!

I will be working on improving this version and making an auto-backup.


No, it’s not working fine! I tried with another browser but still nothing changed.

I can’t add new files! After publishing new file there is the same picture, same design, same content


Are you using the correct email when logging in?


@etora1 Post screenshot of the issue, you’re facing .


This is how it looks online

and this is what I want and what i can see in draft mode, before publishing.

When i make a publishing in the online mode there is the same designd and content as it is shown in 1 picture


When i begin first time to rebuild from 0 the website, after i lost the old one , there was no problem, but once the builder stops working correctly


Have you resolved your issue it looks fine now?


unfortunately no


Hi @etora1!

The problem may consist in the fact that you are trying to upload more images than Zyro supports. However I am not sure. This isn’t something we can investigate.

Our platform does offer a website builder using Zyro’s system however we master only the basic, normal, graphical functions, not the back-end of it. And from what I see, there is nothing wrong with your website.

I am afraid your only choice is to contact Zyro support:

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