Please use an email address from a reputable email provider (like GMail or Yahoo)! Any user facing this issue ,check this thread!


Someone uses the domain then…?


Can you unlock to be used as it states “Already in use” when trying to use.




Hi I have migrated my old site to the new hosting space but have problems.

My domain is
Username is

I cannot receive emails to or

I can send ok but not receive. It was working fine before I transfer the site onto the new space. I am using gmail as the provider. Please can you advise what I should do. How can I roll back

I took a backup of public html folder from old space and uploaded onto new space. Setup the parked domain but accessing my domain displays random font text.




Needs password reset then private messaged to the user

MX record isn’t pointing yet via 000webhost so will get no emails when requesting the password reset.

Many thanks in advance! User has been anxious and patient to resolve this issue.



I cannot receive emails to or

Migrating to the new cPanel means updating the DNS as well. However, according to, you have no MX records present for your domain.

Please go to cPanel > Set web address > > Manage > Modify MX records, and configure your website to use Gmail as provider.

Or else, you can create an e-mail forward, which will forward all received e-mails to a custom e-mail address. Go to cPanel > Manage Email > Create to use this feature :wink:


Infinity shoyld be an admin around here. He’s always around.


@wiclee2 @stilon @Javituchi @GabrielMR @oper8tor @Eglerion

Your emails have been updated, Try now to add.
Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free Sub Domain”.

@paintball Free subdomain is set be set free.


1)new panel email addresss:
2)old panel email address:

Thank you!


@ryt subdomain reserved for your new email


Thank you so much! It works! :slight_smile:


I just tried mine and it still says that its already in use


Thank you in advance


added domain to your account. Will work after DNS propagation.


Thank you, I just have to login with my new email, new panel, right?


@oper8tor Log in to your panel, then Follow the same way to link your free subdomain,

Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free Sub Domain” – Type “coquitaino” and select “” from dropdown.


I think Andrius did it for me, is that right Andrius?


Because I can access my page now. Thank you very much


yes i did this for you


Thank you man. I really appreciate it. Have a bless day


Thx. It works.
However, would like to know why it does not work when you add www. before the address.
Thx again.