Ploblem with the 000Website



I have a big issue with my website.

Not working:
The site www.{siteName}
the file manager

WTF is wit this !!!


Can you please post a screenshot? :slight_smile:



First is trying to access the site ""
Second trying to access file manager.

#5 is working fine.


The website is working, but not on my pc/laptop/smartphone that are directly connected to my home roote, I want to know why and how I can fix this problem.
On my smartphone i can access it if i am using the internet data from my telephony provider.


@asasin_kyll Try these:-

  1. Go to Network Adapter Settings >> IPv4 and update,
    =>Preferred DNS :
    =>Alternate DNS :
    2)Also clear your browser cache and data and then try again.

See if it’s help you.