Point Domain for Creating an SSL with Cloudflare

Hello, I want to add SSL to my website, my website is using freenom domain, and at the moment i’m already parked the domain at 000webhost. Then i decide to use Cloudflare, then when i’m following the step, it say that i have to point my domain, so can i still point the domain when im already parked it, or i have to delete the parked domain first? Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you

Leave the 000webhost side of things, but setup the CNAME on CloudFlare? @sulliops

already setup @ and www to my 000webhost url

Seems good here! :slight_smile:

oh, so then can you help me why it said not secured if im not putting https on the url?

https is the secured, encrypted version of http.
Using http is not secure, using the https version is secure however :slight_smile:
I recommend you check this tutorial on how to redirect http to https.
If you are using cloudflare:


It Worked! Thank you everyone for helping me :sweat_smile:

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