Point domian blacklisted words


I am trying to add gtaylorblogging.com so that it points to my new 000webhost account, but when I try a red popup appears stating there are blacklisted keywords in the domain.

Please help, thank you.


Hi @guytayloruk!

May I know what is your website about? :slight_smile:


Hey teodor, thanks for the reply. Yeah sure. Its a blog which isn’t niche, I cover mainly my personal life, as well as my new venture into cryptocurrencies recently. I’m hoping to incorporate vlogging into the fold at some point.

The problem is I’ve had to change hosting and have come over here and considering there’s nothing inflammatory on my website I have no idea what would be blacklisted…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have whitelisted your domain. Please try pointing it now :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it isn’t loading for me, any idea what the problem could be?


Domain is not blacklisted now, thanks, but still not adding, I need to change the cname record in my domain settings correct?


Thanks, I linked my domain name to the account, I used “Park Domain” option after setting the correct namesevers on my domain. Installing wordpress now, thanks!


Glad to hear that :slight_smile: