Point nameservers to Hostinger

I have created a domain on 000webhost and upgraded to Hostinger. Now it says that I need to point the domain to Hostinger. I know this is done by changing nameservers on your old provider. Now the thing is: Is 000webhost my old provider because I created the domain here? If so, how do I change nameservers on here? If not, what am I supposed to do then? The weird part is, the domain I created here, privatnachhilfe-elz.000webhost.com is working, but the one on Hostinger, privatnachhilfe-elz.de, isn’t. Please help me, I don’t want to have wasted my money.

Where did you buy privatnachhilfe-elz.de

You need to login where you bought that domain and update your nameservers…

You can’t take your free 000webhostapp URL to Hostinger you’ll need to buy a new domain for as little as 99c or use your existing one you’ve purchased you mentioned above.