Pointing a domain - will it only be parked?


So I’m pretty new to all this stuff and hence I have a question about it.

I purchased a domain from godaddy and am using zoho as an email provider. I have a free account here at 000webhost to which I have pointed my domain through the dns records at godaddy. I want to have control over my DNS settings but does that mean that my website that I am hosting here is only parked? not live? Is there a way to make it live without changing the nameservers to here?


You can use cname to point towards 000webhost.

“Set web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Point Domain”


Yes this is what I did at godaddy:

CNAME - WWW - temumaterials.000webhostapp.com - TTL 1 hour

but it shows here at 000webhost that my domain is parked, so my question is can I somehow make it active?


what is your domain name??
Do you get below screen in your “Set Web Address” tab??


temumaterials.com - parked

www.temumaterials.com - subdomain

both of which show to be linked to the perviously mentioned webhost address


Loading fine here :slight_smile:


True, but I’m wondering why it shows as parked if I am pointing it? If I’ve understood correctly there are differences between having your website live and parked, which could possibly affect how it is found on search engines for example… So I’m wondering if I did something wrong (I did accidentally first change the nameserver and later changed it back, after which I did the actual pointing) or is it normal to point your domain and see here it as parked?


Not sure about live and parked but in terms of

premium cpanel

you can have a website with domain setup like yoursite.com and then park another domain like my2ndsite.com under the first site account and upload the files and saves on making a separate account etc.

you point your nameservers to 000webhost.com from registrar, then in 000webhost you park your domain name.


For anyone who is interested in how I solved this issue:

I simply deleted the website and started all over again. Now when I did the point domain it states Cname not parked. So the problem was that I had in the beginning accidentally moved the nameserver here and even when I change the settings it didn’t update here. So once I deleted the entire website I was able to redo it.

All this took me about 5 min, so it wasn’t a big deal.


Great to hear. :1234: