Pointing domain 1and1 - Wrong configuration?


Hello everyone

I purchased my domain on 1and1 and I currently have the free server on webhost000.

I’m trying to point the purchased domain on 1and1 to another provider (webhost000).
Webhost tells me two ways to do this, one is to park the domain and set the webhost nameservers on the 1and1 domain, and the other alternative is to put the CNAME to mydomain . 000webhost . com in the 1and1 panel.

I currently have the second configuration (I want to use the 1and1 nameserver so I can use the ssl certificate issued by them), so:

on 1and1:

  • inserted the CNAME for the subdomain (www . mydomain . it):
    “autodiscover . www” CNAME mydomain . 000webhost . com
  • Set redirection of the mydomain.it main domain to www . mydomain . it

Logically, it seems to me that the configuration is correct.

When I go to check my webhost000 panel it returns me the error that:
“www . mydomain . it must have CNAME to mydomain . 000webhost . com”

I do not know if it’s a question that the change to DNS has not yet been completely propagated (24 hours have passed) or is a question of incorrect configuration.


Yeah if you’ve 100% pointed www / @ to yourapp.000webhostapp.com then give it a few hours and keep trying to add it on 000webhost.


Yes, I’ve pointed the WWW to myapp.000webhostapp.com, while the domain is set with a HTTP redirect to subdomain WWW.

Already 24 hours have passed since the update in DNS.

However, in help support of 1and1 there is the following warning “You can set a CNAME record in Client 1 & 1 only if the authorizing servers are 1 & 1.”


Hi @beachmark!

Your domain has no CNAME records assigned to 000webhost yet. Please contact your registrar and ask them to add the following CNAME records:

domain.com -> myapp.000webhostapp.com
www -> myapp.000webhostapp.com

Also ask them about general DNS propagation time. After time has passed, you should try pointing your domain to 000webhost again.


I fix the problem in another way, following describe how to fix.

I have contacted my domain register provider and he has noticed me that the update dns was not carried out because they accept only CNAME to authoritative server 1and1.

Then, I changed the nameserver dns. I was chosen the CNAME way for SSL Certificate (The domain provider releases the certificate only if the nameservers used were those of 1and1), but now I use Cloudflare as service for SSL communication.

I have registered an account on cloudflare and set the nameserver of cloudflare in domain dns panel. While in cloudflare DNS panel, I added a CNAME record (for root domain and for www) to mydomain.000webhost.com.
And naturally in my 000webhost panel I pointed my domain to webapp.

Initially, with cloudflare set to Flexibile SSL , I encountered problems, It shows me the error “TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” which I resolved setting Cloudflare as Full Service SSL.

And now it seems to be all right with the certificate generated by cloudflare.

Thanks for support.


We’re glad the issue has been solved :blush: