Pointing domain, not as expected


Hello! I pointed my domain, it works fine but not as I expected. If I don’t put www to the start it won’t work. How can I do it correctly?


Hi !

Your domain is working with www as well. You just need to clear your browser cache and eventually restart your machine so that DNS cache can be purged :slight_smile:


I want to use without “www”, isn’t that possible?


I apologize for my misunderstanding.

I see you’re using CNAME records to point your domain to 000webhost. I have unlinked your domain from 000webhost cPanel.

  1. Please go to your domain registrar (GoDaddy cPanel) at DNS section, and make sure you have the following two CNAME records. Make sure records are not duplicated.:
    ozguraydogmus.com -> ozguraydogmus.000webhostapp.com
    www -> ozguraydogmus.000webhostapp.com

  2. After that wait around 15 minutes, then go to 000webhost cPanel and point your domain to your site again.


I did, but I still can’t connect it without “www” part. I can’t understand why.


CNAME records are setup incorrectly.

Please ask GoDaddy to properly setup your CNAME records as explained in my previous post (I don’t blame you; sometimes it’s a problem from registrar). Reply after doing so. :slight_smile:


I think this is about A record since I don’t seem to have one. I decided not to point but to park my domain so that you could do necessary changes


Free plans don’t support A records.


So what should I do to use a decent hosting?


Upgrade your plans that will get you more features


Wouldn’t I even connect to my webpage without a paid plan?



Free plans don’t support DNS zone management. If you want to make use of such feature. You should use your registrar DNS zone management and link your domain to 000webhost using CNAME records.

You have parked your domain. Your site is loading ok on both addresses now: :slight_smile:


I’m not able to connect though :confused:


That happens because of expired DNS cache.

Please clear your browser cache, flush your DNS (ipconfig.exe /flushdns) and try again.