Problem applying themes in WP

Does anyone having trouble installing and previewing wordpress themes?
I can’t install or preview templates.

What errors are you having?

Hi I’m having problems with installing themes from directly wordpress, it keeps saying not found in wp-content.
I have also tried uploading the theme in .zip format on the wp-content folder from the file manager, but it won’t upload either

What error do you get manually uploading it via file manager?

It keeps saying permission failure. I tried changing the permission settings, but its says I can’t change permission settings.

Can you try now?


Thank you so much, I have found them in the wp-content.
However, I’ve been finding it difficult to sign in into admin on wordpress all day! Keeps saying wrong password, which I believe isn’t wrong.
Considering that yesterday while trying to install a theme, it repeated wrong password for a while before it accepts.

I’ll try and reset it for you now and message you soon

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I’m quite expectant. Thank you so much

Hopefully sent you a working password.