Problem FTP Connection


i bought a Theme and tried to install it. It worked but i got Problems with 2 Plugins.

Now i contact the Theme Administrator and he tried it by himself to install the plugins:

His answer was:

We tried manually (via FTP install the plugin and the server does not allow us to do this). You have problems setting up the server and you need to contact your hosting provider with this question. The server does not allow normal upload of files via regular FTP, so WordPress cannot do this either.

How can i solve the problems?

Thanks in advance.

We do allow you to access your files using FTP, not sure what they’re talking about :slight_smile:

i forgot, if i tried it in the Webhost file Manager its the same:

514 files failed to upload
File(s) vc_grid_item_editor_footer.tpl.php failed to load:
ftp_put(): Can’t open that file: No such file or directory


thanks for the Informations, here some more details:


What i tried already:

  1. If i try to add the file via Advanced File Manager, then the following Error appears:

Unable to connect to backend. HTTP error 0

  1. If I install it via FileZilla (drag the folder into the plugin folder) it pulls it in, but I ended up with 514 failed transfers and 725 successful ones

  2. i contactet the theme administrator and he says (after my Filezila try):

That’s right. I’m talking about this. Your server is not stable. It should not produce the errors that you see. There must be 100% successful file transfers.

So why i get these failed transfers via Filezilla? how can i stabilize the connection?


Try zipping everything up, upload the ZIP and unzipping on the server :smile:

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