Problem regarding upgrade to premium


Hello, I would like to upgrade to premium for my account.
When I proceed to payment, it said my coupon is expired / invalid.

But the price is still shown the discount price and I can continue to checkout.
I would like to ask if I can still enjoy the discount price? ($28.68/12 months)
Also, will I still be able to use the same website address?
Thank you.



Yes you can. Just hit “checkout now” and login with your gmail and pay the fees.

Ignore this.

No, is different for paid services.


Thank you for your reply.
Will my database and websites be kept?
Since my website has been sleeping for few days already, I cannot go in to see and I am afraid to lose the data inside.


You can contact Hostinger’s live chat support, and they will migrate the site content and databases free of charge. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to access it while services are down, but that’s a good question to ask them.


We are getting authorization for payment recently.
But if it is possible to free my account from sleeping first (it has been sleeping for almost 4 days) as I would like to back up the data inside first in case the migration does not success?
Thank you.


Yes of course can you provide the sleeping URL?


Thank you so much.
My website: ghs-surface.000webhost
(Sorry I was not allowed to post the full link)


Should be working now