Problem sending e-mail


Hello there,
I have a downloaded mailform in PHP om my website and i am testing it,
but i don’t recieve any mail?
What can there be wrong?


Try using a simple mail(). Does it work?


Thx for your reaction,
I now have a file called: ‘mailtest.php’ in mypublic_html dir.

	$msg = "Some message text to test"
	mail("my@email.nll","It worked when you can read this",$msg);
	echo("<h1>I hope you recieve mail</h1>");

In my browser i go to:

Now i get a HTTP500 error?



You forgot $msg semicolon



With the ; the HTTP500 error disapears. And now the

I hope you recieve mail

But i still can’t recieve an email.



Hi @JaccoWalraven!

Mailing functionality works good for your site. You forgot to add the proper headers. Check the mailtest.php script again and see what’s updated.


Thnxx for your reply.
I.v seen the script and modified it with my own email adress.
Sadly still don’t recieve any mail.



Your provider may be blocking our mailing servers. Try using another email address from another provider. E-mails are receiving shortly on GMail.