Problem setting zoho mail


I have a problem setting up Zoho mail I did all the step as you said in you Zoho tutorial but when I hit on the mix lockup to check the MX record it says that

this is my domain DNS records

and this is the MX record from 000webhost my domains page

keep in my that I set the MX record to Zoho from yesterday.
I don’t know what the problem is can you please help me my domain provider is

#2 doesn’t have any nameservers pointed towards our servers so creating an MX on our servers will do nothing


Unless you mean hover is your domain registrar you haven’t provided your actual custom domain for me to check


hove is my register this is my domain


So that domain points to cloudflare as far as I can see so that means you need to set the MX over there


oh, it might help, I will try it


thanks that solve my problem