Problem to receive email


Hello thanks for the help provided last time, I have another problem with my code. I created a form called Questionnaire.php so I appealed to this form in the html page, when a user enters the data in the form then sends in submit, at this moment the me as administrator I have not received any email from the user can you help me please please


Sure what is the code of your email script?

Place it within [code] tags if possible.

code here
code here


<title>Ma page de traitement</title>
if(isset($_POST['envoi'])){ // si formulaire soumis
echo $_POST['nom'];
echo $_POST['email'];


Vous devrez par la suite envoyer l’email en utilisant le code ci-dessous :slight_smile:



													<form method="post" action="Questionnaire.php">
														<div class="row uniform">
															<div class="6u 12u$(xsmall)">
																<input type="text" name="demo-name" id="demo-name" value="" placeholder="Name" />
															<div class="6u$ 12u$(xsmall)">
																<input type="email" name="demo-email" id="demo-email" value="" placeholder="Email" />
															<!-- Break -->
															<div class="12u$">
																<div class="select-wrapper">
																	<select name="demo-category" id="demo-category">
																		<option value="">- Category -</option>
																		<option value="1">Manufacturing</option>
																		<option value="1">Shipping</option>
																		<option value="1">Administration</option>
																		<option value="1">Human Resources</option>
															<!-- Break -->
															<div class="4u 12u$(small)">
																<input type="radio" id="demo-priority-low" name="demo-priority" checked>
																<label for="demo-priority-low">Low</label>
															<div class="4u 12u$(small)">
																<input type="radio" id="demo-priority-normal" name="demo-priority">
																<label for="demo-priority-normal">Normal</label>
															<div class="4u$ 12u$(small)">
																<input type="radio" id="demo-priority-high" name="demo-priority">
																<label for="demo-priority-high">High</label>
															<!-- Break -->
															<div class="6u 12u$(small)">
																<input type="checkbox" id="demo-copy" name="demo-copy">
																<label for="demo-copy">Email me a copy</label>
															<div class="6u$ 12u$(small)">
																<input type="checkbox" id="demo-human" name="demo-human" checked>
																<label for="demo-human">I am a human</label>
															<!-- Break -->
															<div class="12u$">
																<textarea name="demo-message" id="demo-message" placeholder="Enter your message" rows="6"></textarea>
															<!-- Break -->
															<div class="12u$">
																<ul class="actions">
																	<li><input type="submit" value="Send Message" class="special" /></li>
																	<li><input type="reset" value=reset /></li>