Problem with forum account - FTP does not work -


Hi Guys
I’m having problems as I had last week, I have no access to my FTP in this website:
Also I made an account in this forum in september 5 and today it says that I do not have an account, for my surprise my email and also my nickname says that I had no account, so I use all the data that I was using in september 5 and Voila new account.

I just would like to know what happens with the FTP, can I use or not? Is just for tests.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Hi @josepinto
If your FTP is not working then you can directly visit and simply put your website username and password :slight_smile: and sorry for the inconvenience in forums. The forums was reseted some days ago so we lost all previous month data. But now everything is fixed :wink:


FTP appears fine, can you screenshot any errors.


Thank you very much for your attention and time
The problem is I can no get access to my files even when I try,


So a screenshot of the error when you try to then? is the web version.

FTP host is
username is user from
password is your set password changeable via > general settings
port 21
security type: null/plain no security


Is working now.
I really do not understand, I have 2 free websites, one is misterwww and the other is superrp, the case is everyday I have problem not with the pages that I upload but just when I tryed to get access to FTP and almost the tme it only happens with the website misterwww the superrp is ok.

I just made 12 pages and I upload to misterwww, all pages are samples of a service that I would like to try to sell, do you think that I’m having problem, because I upload many pages?

Thank you very much for your time attention and also for your help


Jose Pinto


I should not see why you would have any issues with uploading I will double check everything is A-Ok on our side of things.