Problem with hash


After the procedure, the hosting employee stopped logging into the system.

The problem is that the password stored in the database does not match the one entered. Does it differently code the password on different pages?


It should just work fine, I’ll fix your issue


Can you try now? :slight_smile:


Does not print any messages and does not go to the redirect file anyway now.


In general, it became even worse: D

Even if you register a new one, there is still no reaction on the login page.


Then please follow this tutorial because storing passes in plain text is not allowed


Tell me at least where you made the changes or return my original version, otherwise it will be difficult to restore everything without knowing about your changes.

In the login and password there are no spaces, so there should not be an error, and the name is not connected with the entrance to the site.


Jist remove the parts where $password is hashed


Message from the previous topic:

ckhawand Staff 2h
However I edited your code and hashed passwords, because storing passwords in plain text is considered as phishing.

If I remove the hashing, then everything works. Can I leave it for now? Later I’ll study your lesson and try to implement it, as it’s difficult to adapt to my code from your lesson.

By the way, the transition to another page, that is, the header, does not work.


Sure, revert changes until then