Problem with MVC



I’m trying to make an mvc and had put all the files I thought I needed on the file manager but it still asks for an index page. can anyone tell me why?

Do I need to build my mvc in an application such as netbeans coz i’ve just been using notepad++


What is your website URL


i’m not sure, i thinks it’s


mvc probably won’t work here will it?


yeah i had a feeling that would be the case but thought I would try as it is a final year uni project and I wanted to do a good job. I’ve been reported and kicked off anyway


@kf100 MVC is a framework and it should work. Make sure it is php compatible and yes you do need “index” file.


@akhilkumar332 appears for me to be a 000webhost system issue, he actually has an index.html file, and a .htaccess saying that the indexes are index.php index.html index.cgi


Its should be an “index.php” not “index.html”, as index file contains some php functions.
That’s how MVC works.


Wait a bit, @kf100 did you delete the index file?
At the time I checked your website (18mins ago), there was one :confused:


I’m not sure there was an index in public_html but my index was definitely php, but I had a whole bunch of folders and I only put up enough to get the registration and login going.


i deleted the whole lot and then sent a message on here, went to redo the whole lot again and got blocked. I can’t do anything now


can you upload your content again?? for us to check for issue :slight_smile:

@ckhawand Are you sure that was “index.html”, as @kf100 says it was php.


will do now that I have access again


right, i have everything that I have so far in there.


Like Akhil said, index.php is missing


is the file structure ok? would it worked if i defined the url in the dbconnect or does it have to have an index.php file


The index.php page is the one that calls other, so it is essential


silly me saved the index in the wrong place. there is a place to define the url on the dbconnect, would that be the one above or something else


Try moving the index to public_html then :slight_smile:


that worked but now i’m having trouble with links to pages. I’ve tried all sorts of things but nothing is working