Problem with Mx record - Migadu email forward

Hi there!

I’m trying to set up Migadu as email forwarder so as to use my own, duly parked domain.

There’s a nice tutorial here and everything’s ok … until I come to “Change MX record”. That’s the part when you see your parked domain, “linked website” and then

According to the tutorial, I should see to the right some button called “to rule” with a menu … but the button is missing! (I tried two different browsers to no avail). Where can I indicate “”?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! In order to use the custom MX records, you should not have email forwarders setup.




Thank you Teodor! Also “Manage” and scrolling menu are now visible.

So, will forward mail traffic to the external domain email addresses I created? Or there’s another step?

Thanks again.

You need to change to your own MX record in this case :slight_smile:


You should remove/delete all email forwarders, then you can change our default MX to your new Migadu MX record to allow you to manage and control all forwarders on Migadu control panel.