Problem with uploading files via file manager and FTP


I upload files through the file manager and FTP, but they are not visible in the admin panel WORDPRESS. Permissions changed in filezilla and file manager. Uploaded both large and small files, there are enough places on the server, the download folder was chosen public_html. Because of this, I started making a new site. But there is the same problem. What should I do to make the files available in the admin panel of the WORDPRESS?


In order to show them to Wordpress, I think you should upload them through Wordpress directly …


Thank you. I have already explained that 80% of the site was done with the help of the VORDPRESS, and could continue to continue. But not all kinds of files and not all file sizes can be downloaded through the admin panel. For example, I want to show an interactive panorama or a virtual tour. To do this, I need to load folders with many files. In the properties of my site it is written that I can use the FTP Fillezilla client. It is more comfortable. On my website my company I do. Can I do this on 000webhost?


Of course you can use FIleZilla for 000webhost :slight_smile:

But I still don’t know exactly how you want to show the uploaded files in WP admin panel. For me it seems you need some kind of plugin for that… :confused:


I apologize. It’s all right with the hosting. I just forgot that not all files uploaded via FTP should be visible in the WORDPRESS. I can only take a link to the files, and already with it, open files in the browser. Thanks to all. The topic is closed.