Problem with uploading zip



yesterday i uploaded my HTML website with the file manager. i extracted the files and it worked.

Today i updated my website so i deleted the content added yesterday and uploaded the new .rar
When i rightmouse and click on extract is says the following: no strategy for rar extension…

I do not know what caused this problem, i have tried re-uploading, reuploading in different folders, re-zipping the files, re-naming the zip etc. nothing seems to get it working…

Can somebody please tell me what to do?

Thank you very much.


You’ll need to use a service like the one below to convert the rar file to a zip since we don’t support extraction of rar files.


Hi Mr. Rambow,
Your issue with uploading compressed files to your file manager can be resolved.

  1. If you are uploading your files directly to your file manager kindly start using filezilla to upload. Once your compressed zip file is uploaded, login to your file manager and unzip the files from there.

  2. Try using this utility script to speed up your decompression speed(

Feel free to ask more questions.


hey, Provide a .zip, .tar or .tar.gz archive