Problema con SSL


Hola. Tengo un blog de wordpress alojado en 000webhost. Al acabar de construirlo he adquirido un dominio y los he unido. Hasta aquí bien. Al entrar al blog el navegador me dice que no es un sitio seguro. Me descargué el plugin WP Encrypt y al registrar me da error: “Let’s Encrypt: Registration key is already in use”. Al buscar el problema en me dice que hay un error:

"Domain Matching:
Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name!
Protected Domains:


No se si he hecho algo mal o me queda algo por hacer. Me gustaría evitar que el navegador le dijese a mis visitantes que el sitio no es seguro. ¿Alguna sugerencia?



You’ll need a SSL certificate for your domain. Otherwise, you’ll see this warning, because the site isn’t https. Try using CloudFlare :wink:


Thanks!! But I don´t know how to change my nameservers on 000webhost because i have parked my domain before.


Simply sign up for CloudFlare and when it tells you what the new nameservers are, go in your DNS zone and remove the old ones and add the new ones. Then, just add a CNAME record for your 000webhost domain. Finally, go into the 000webhost control panel and add the domain in there, but using the CNAME option.


Follow my tutorial.


Thanks! Finally I changed all “https” of my code to “http” with a wordpress plugin beacause I don´t need it. It seems goes well. Thank you very much