Problems in login phpMyAdmin

I am a layman for, for just only few days. For the very very first reaction to this website is quite amazing and interesting. However, the login system is quite friendly used for a bebe generation, for instance, multiple access usernames and passwords. I understand that it is for the security purpose in protecting both of our hardware and software. But, it is quite embarrassing when I am logging in the website and requesting to redirect me to the phpMyAdmin by asking me to enter once again my username and password. It is so funny that I cannot enter the my phpMyAdmin website after attending and trying all my possible usernames and passwords exhaustively. In fact, I have a set of login username and password for the, and another set for the file manager as well as a set for accessing my database, mySQL;s username and password. After combating with several trial and error, I have already given up to login my phpMyAdmin. Yes, I am quire angry with the website management for setting so many ambiguous usernames and passwords.

May I have any your kindly assistance to help me access to my phpMyAdmin for handling my database.

Thanks a lot and thx in advance, once again.

Simple steps basically

  1. Login in our panel
  2. Manage Website
  3. Manage Database or MYSQL Databases
  4. Manage on your database > phpMyAdmin

If this doesn’t login then extend the steps to

  1. Manage on your database > CHANGE PASSWORD > choose a new secure password


Now try step 4 again.

Let me know :slight_smile: